Hints reveal and puzzle word check

Hello there! I’m working on a puzzle app, where if a user clicks Hint 1, they get a hint toward the answer, and so on (up to three hints).

I’d also like the ability for the user to input a possible answer, and Glide to see if this is correct or not.

Are these two possible? I’ve played around, and can’t quite see currently how it could be possible. Forgive my naivety!

Hi Stephen.

I think you can structure a details layout with 3 sets of components that are like this:

  • A “view” button that is set to an increment action by 1, writing to the “Hint Showing” column, only visible when Hint Showing is not 1.

  • A text component that contains the hint, and only visible when the Hint Showing is 1.

With 3 sets of components, you can have 3 hints for the users.

For the answer, have 1 user-specific column that would store the answer. Have a relation column that would match that user-specific column with the column where you store the answers.

Have a text component that reads “True answer, congratulations!” if the relation is not empty (hence the answer is right), and one that say “Wrong answer, please try again” if the relation is empty.

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That is really helpful, thank you! If I model this spreadsheet, presumably I can paste it here to see if I’ve got it right?

Thanks again for leaping in so quickly to help me!

Yeah you can give me screenshots here to see if it works. I’ll try to take time to help.

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I’ve got the hints being revealed by using the increment button, but not sure how to reset it. Would have multiple users using it too. I’ve tried a reset button, which takes it back to -5 (to allow for error) but this feels like a workaround. Any ideas?

Write that to a user specific column instead of a normal column. A “show” button with increment = 1, visible when user specific column does not equal 1, a “hide” button with increment = -1, visible when user specific column equals 1 if you want them to hide it, otherwise no need for a hide one.

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Ah! Is there a way to do this for not User-specific? I was hoping to avoid having to create users (unless that is easy enough to implement?).

You don’t have to create users and you can keep your app public, but you will then lose user specific values when the app is closed and reopened. Only sign in with email will keep user specific values permanently.