Creating Clearable Hint Text

The Scenario:

Perhaps you’d like to present some instructions or announcements to your users AND give them the ability to “understand” and clear the notification. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Boolean or Date Time column in the User Profile sheet titled “___ Acknowledgement” for each notification type

    • If you have three screens with three different clearable alerts, then create three columns
  2. Create a single relation column between the sheet/screen that will have the alert and the user profile sheet.

    • If this sheet doesn’t have an email or userID column, then first create a template column and fill it with the user profile > email/userID value
  3. Create the hint text and button components on the details screen. Set the visibility to only display when the User Profile > Acknowledgement is not true (boolean) / is empty (date time)

  4. Configure the button to have a set column action that references the relation in the Row field and is set to mark the User Profile > Acknowledgement column to true (boolean) / Current Date and Time (date time)

Video Walkthrough:


Love your videos :heart:

Yet another great tool for our bag of Glide tricks !

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@Robert_Petitto can you please explain how you did the choice to show 2 different views? I have been trying to figure out how to give the user (logged in) a choice between viewing a list of businesses grouped by county or viewing the same data alphabetically (grouped by letter). I think the choice button is the way to do it but can’t seem to see how. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing

You have 2 inline lists, and set the visibility conditions for each depending on the user’s choice in the choice component

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Precisely…it’s smoke and mirrors. Two online lists with visibility conditions dependent on the choice component that’s written to a user specific column.

I had a situation like this last night that required a little bit of creative thinking.
I had two choice components that looked like so:

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 7.36.43 PM

Each choice component is pulling from a different sheet - the Drivers are in one sheet, and the Foreman in another sheet. I started off by creating 6 inline lists, one for each of the three choices in each of the components. And each choice component is writing to a user specific column. My initial plan from there was to just control visibility based on the state of the two user specific columns. However, this very soon became incredibly confusing and hard to keep track of.

So, what I decided to do was create a matrix of all the possible combinations, and then assign each combination a “score”. This is what I came up with:

It turns out that there are 16 possible combinations (accounting for the fact that each user specific column will have an initial state of empty). The way the above works is:

  • For Shift choice:

    • None & All should have the same effect - they get zero points each
    • Day gets 1 point
    • Night gets 2 points
  • For Worker choice:

    • As with Shift choice, None & All both get zero points
    • Foremen get 4 points
    • Drivers get 8 points

(4 & 8 for Foreman/Drivers is to differentiate them from Day/Night)

I then used the total score (Shift choice + Worker choice) for each combination to determine which inline list should be visible. For example, if the user selects Night/Foremen, the total score is 6, and only the Night Foremen (3rd) list should be shown. Any combination of None/All scores zero points, and lists 1 & 4 need to be shown.

This made it incredibly easy to configure my components. All I needed was a couple of ITE columns to assign a score for each choice, and then a math column to add them up.

With that in place, my visibility filters look like so:

Probably not the most elegant solution, but it worked a charm and I was quite pleased with myself for having nutted it out on my own :joy:


@Darren_Murphy :clap:


Voila! Today’s release of the new Button Bar just made this much easier! No need for the choice component now. :grin:

Edited - did not use the button bar because it sends to another screen. I’ve spent all afternoon and finally got the result that I wanted - will create a separate post because it doesn’t really relate to this topic.

I’ve been using this method for awhile for the exact purpose. The hunt text + clear button is definitely a much clearer look! Thank you for the tutorial.

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