Toolips / Hints / Help Text

There’s been some discussion about this feature already here but I thought I’d turn it into a feature request.

I’d like to be able to display an icon (maybe the i or a ?) in the app which when tapped, shows text or even images, to the user. I’d use this to add guidance on using the app.

This :point_down: looks like I helpful alternative but it’d be nice to have something a little bit more subtle and easier to configure.

I like to get creative with multiple relations that link a row back to itself. This lets me create different single row inline lists that can perform a variety of different functions.

The red ‘X’ is part of an inline list in the Cards Style. I use it with a Set column action to set a value in that row, which closes (hides) the components above it. You could do something similar that shows or hides a hint component for example.


Here’s the app. Just try some of the blue memory buttons to see what I mean.


Very cool! I don’t time to check this out now but I’ll take a proper look at this works later.

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