How to add tool tips or help info for my app users

Hi friends …

How are you managing or implementing app documentation for users of your apps?
Is there any way to add a tooltip help icon (?) to provide steps or more details on how to use the app or for each form field or maybe for each display component on what it’s purpose is?

Looks like the placeholder only displays one line for form fields and also once the user starts typing the placeholder text won’t be visible.

So really need an option to display help text for various components displaying info for each screen.

PS: I know that the last or one of the options is to create a tab and put it under Menu for users to go through the documentation link.

Any suggestions, please???


I wish we had an “i” icon that we could configure with text and/or links for this very reason. This would be a great feature request! You are right - now we have to use existing components or text. Maybe there are some workarounds that some of the more seasoned Gliders will suggest. For now, I plan to put video tutorials into my app in a tab located in the left hand menu.


video tutorials by screen recording (actions on screen and audio recorded in the background)??

Yes, that “i” or “?” icon would be of much help.

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Yes, although I have yet to figure out if whether Loom for example, can work for screen recording video - I saw another thread where it did not. I know we can upload vimeo/youtube, but not sure if the videos have to be set to public. I will update when I get to sorting this out or if you do first, please share!
Here is the other thread: Does Glide support loom video links?

@Manan_Mehta How did you set up/what did you use for the video tutorials in your app Pluhg? That is very nicely done. (PS I haven’t forgotten I owe you feedback - trying to get my first customer onboarded this week and will find some time to write down and send you my feedback!)

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sure, i’ll give it a try too …

and I’ve submitted a feature request on

not sure who is actually monitoring that and how frequently.

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Deena, curious to know what you are building!

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I believe Glide team monitors Feature Requests here and in the app. I have the app so I’ll go vote for it now! I think if you add the link and post it here, others can also vote directly via the link.

My app is being developed for my company and subject to non-disclosure so I can’t share it, but you can see the gist of it on our website at! :grin:

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I can understand the non-disclosure.

I just checked your site and I get an idea … and the site looks great (look & feel and also the lay out).
Do you mind sharing on which platform you’ve developed your site … here or private message … I’ve been looking for options to build my site (with out coding) but couldn’t find a satisfactory one.

Best wishes for your App!

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Yes, it’s built on Webflow-no code! I love Webflow! Their designer is the best. In the past I’ve also used Squarespace and Wix and Webflow is much more customizable and generally I’ve found it to be flawless. My site was built using a template - you have to check out their template store. The best templates with the cleanest code are by the maker Elastic Themes ( You can find their templates either in Webflow template store or on their site.

All mockups by or


Awesome! I’m going to check it right now. thanks a ton.

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I used tab visibility and Paging and navigation using increment action to set up the video tutorials.
@Deena take your time! Thanks in advance.


@Manan_Mehta has the below issue been resolved?

“Just checked my app and I am facing the same problem. Both the Next and Previous buttons are behaving independently and not on the same value.”

Yes it has

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

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For tutorials- Best way on YouTube would be Unlisted videos. If your don’t want video suggestions at the end of Video, use Vimeo paid account or even Dropbox. I am planning to use Dropbox hosted Gifs.

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