Step-By-Step Guides for Your App

I’m playing with creating step-by-step guides for my apps (for users). Wondering if this is something anyone else is interested in too? They work as webviews in the apps. This is a GIF sample, but the full one literally a step-by-step with captions and narration.
Sample @


Yeah, good idea!

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great idea yes… i check out apps that people have created here and sometimes have no idea how to use or get started…


This is a good idea. I often create complex templates and then spend a bit of time helping others customize. Providing an inapp guide would be helpful for sure.

I’ll make one for my upcoming template and see if I can come up with a decent layout.


I use Page as Support page (like an FAQ page) in my app in webview component.


You can create step by step guides in this page. Very easy to navigate and search. You get dashboard to create post.

But I would really want to use Video step by step guides as you are showing here. Good idea.

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@McJagger - great idea, A guide is one of the things I want to do in my apps.

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