Reveal information incrementally when button pressed

I’d like information to be revealed when a button is pressed (up to three pieces of information).

I’ve got this working using a User setup, but I’d ideally like to avoid this, perhaps having the incremental count reset when they go back a page.

Any creative ideas how this can be solved? Perhaps move forward a screen when clicked to reveal the next piece of information?

Thanks in advance!

So you don’t want a user-specific column for this?

I’d rather avoid collecting User Data. I can see its benefits, but think that setting up a user could be quite challenging. Is it?

You don’t need to collect user data to have user-specific columns. Just make one column in your Data Editor, that’s it.

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But if another person used the app, would it not use the same column, or does it reset for every new user/IP address?

It will be stored temporarily on that device, for that specific session, if you’re using a public app.

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So (sorry for all the questions), if two people are playing on two different devices, their User columns will be different? If so, that’s perfect!

Do I add one in the data section? Any ideas how I reset the increment? Last question: Can I use mathematical symbols in the values section, such as 1+ or >1?

Yes, if they are playing on different devices that user-specific column will be different and then reset when they “clear” the session.

If you want to reset the increment, have a further math column with the math being “User-specific column * -1”, then use that for the “Reset button” with the increment value being that math column’s value. As it depends on a user-specific column, I think the reset value will be user-specific as well.

What is your use case for “1+” or “>1”?

And no worries, we would learn many things as well by helping others, so just ask.

Quick question: Do I have to do anything special to the User-specific column so that it resets for individual users?

No, you just have to create a user-specific column and it will handle the rest.

User Profiles & User Specific Columns

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Hmm. I’ve added the User Specific column in Data:

But when I try to select it for the increment, it cannot be found:

Right, solved that problem - (User Specific on the wrong sheet in Data), but it will not work. I have it so that Each Hint is revealed as the Hint button is pressed (So HINTS are shown when User Specific is x, and the HINTS button increments by 1 each time), but it is just not playing ball. With this set up, no hints are shown at all!

Solved AGAIN - Show hints is pointing to the wrong column!

Okay :smile: If you face any other problems feel free to let me know.

Thank you! I also came up with a happy solution to someone pressing the RESET button too many times. I only show it when the Increment is at 5, so it can only be pressed once. Happy days!

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