User-Specific Column - Reset to Default

Hi, We are trying to create an app which contains user-specific columns. We were trying to figure out a way in which the user-specific values could be reset to default in the following cases:

  1. When the session of a particular user ends. All the values in user-specific columns get reset to default
  2. By creating a reset button which, when clicked, would reset all the values in the user-specific column to default

Can you please help us figure this out?


We are working and wishing the same Increment Action?!

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Good question, that I also have for another use case: when we have multiple choice components, with choice 3 depending on choice 2 depending on choice 1.
If the user changes choice 2, without cancelling the value in choice 3 … it’s a mess!

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Hey @Email_Assistant,

You should join forces with those here Increment Action?!

It looks like at the moment, there is no way to do that.

I tried using the increment action to reset the value of a user-specific column, and it worked. But the issue is that it is letting me reset the value for only one column. Can we add a feature which can let us add multiple increment actions on a click of a single button? So that when I press a reset button the data in multiple user specific columns would reset to default?

@Robert_Petitto - Can you please help resolve this for us?

That would be awesome. I don’t work for Glide—that’s up to them!

@Mark - could you please look into this?

Please submit it to our Feature Requests app.

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Hola @Mark!

A flash question: how difficult would it be to create this functionality working as an option within Action —> Increment and get a quit solution using the @Robert_Petitto’s idea?

We talked about it here Increment Action?! as the way to fix this problem in this use case.

Thanks for your help again.
Feliz día!


Hey, This wont work for us. because we are recording user-specific values in different columns using a choice component. we would prefer a solution where we could increment values in multiple user-specific columns at once.

I understand @Email_Assistant, your case is more complex because several columns are involved at the same time. Our case is simpler and direct: all rows associated to same column.


I have a slightly different issue. I created a user specific column in my detail screen so that users can filter by office location. I then test if location includes the user specific field. It works fine in the sense that it shows the user all location when he chooses none, or just the one he selected…

Except the first time, it seems that the default value of the field is not empty, so none of the locations are shown. Once the user actively selects in the choice field everything works fine.

I have raised a feature request. Do we have an ETA on this?

Also, we figured that we cannot increment the values in Template columns, even if we get to do this. It will solve our purpose.

@Email_Assistant @gvalero Have you considered adding to feature req app?

I see a ton of value for a reset function in both cases: Across multiple columns AND across multiple rows.

Example: I don’t always want to use forms for user consent/acknowledgment. The increment is a nice way “reset” checkboxes but limited with only -1 checkbox/button.

What is the thinking behind keeping these “cases” separate and not approach as one feature req?

to be honest, I haven’t seen this request in Glide’s Feature Requests APP before.

I was taking in advantage of this post and others (there were several in few days) to fix it in a fast way by improving the Action -> Increment feature.

Of course, if Glide can give a natural and magic solution for it no problem but I don’t know how long or complex this could be but surely, creating the Apply to all rows option we well get a workaround for 70-80% of cases.

Saludos @Rasha

Yes I know it’s not there. I am suggesting that you add it. But I’m happy to!

I’m not as intimately familiar with Glide magic.

I just know there’s a glide feature vending machine full of sugary workarounds… and a feature request app. The latter (less popular) is probably more effective, long term.


I have raised a feature request in their app. I have not heard from them so far. I think increment action both in terms of multiple rows and multiple columns are important when you are creating an app which contains user specific data. Because after the session is over the user might want to see default values in the new session. Not sure why is this not being picked up on a priority.

I don’t see anything related to cross-column/row increment action or session resets – two separate things per your original post. Did you perchance submit them as a single feature?

There may be some vetting based on whether or not the description/use case is clearly stated. Not sure. In any case, submitting to the app as I understand it just gets it on Glide’s radar. It’s not a guarantee of consideration/implementation.

When it does pop in there, I’ll give it a vote.

This should be fixed now.