Resetting User Specific Columns

Hi everyone.

I’m helping to develop an app where we use Boolean buttons as means to collect data in user specific columns to test user understanding/knowledge. I’ve read a few of the past threads, but there doesn’t seem to be any consensus. Do we have a way to reset user specific columns at the end of a “quiz”? This would be multiple columns across a few tables.

There is no easy way to do this natively, but there is a very effective workaround. See below:


This is fantastic, thank you so much. I just have one question. When working on my “Clear” button, it will only let me accept values in one table and I can’t seem to get it to access the “Parent Table” like in the example above. Is there a way to separate the data the button uses from the data the page is using?

Not sure I fully grasp the question (a screen shot would help), but my gut feeling is the answer is probably a Single Value → First → Whole Row column (but I could be wrong).

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So sorry, thank you. The first image is the data set that my button action is pulling from and the third image is the dataset that I need it to pull from. The 2nd image is the dataset that the example above pulls from and is where the button “sets the column value” in the Parent ID section.

Okay, I think I get it, but I’m not 100% sure.
One thing that sticks out to me is that you have a User Specific ParentID column in 2 of the 3 tables. That’s not right - it should only be in one table.

If I understand correctly, you’re using one table to drive the status of the rows in 2 other tables. Assuming that’s correct, then you’d need to set it up something like the following:

  • In the parent table, you have the User Specific ParentID column. This is the one that gets set with a new unique value when you do a reset. I assume that this table contains just a single row.
  • In each of the other two tables, add a Single Value column that takes the ParentID column value from the parent table.
  • Also in the same two tables, you have a User Specific column to hold the ParentID Selected value. These values get set using the aforementioned Single Value column
  • You’d also have an if-then-else column in each of those two tables to determine the status of each row by comparing the ParentID Selected value to the Single Value column.

That should be it. Does that help?


Yes thank you so much!! Truly grateful for the help.

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