I am looking for similar type of execution, you have a tabs, like Search by PIN and Search by District - Then when clicked on Search by PIN - Only items relevant to search by PIN should appear and When clicked on Search by Distrtict - consequently, the relevant content need to be appeared " WITHIN THE SAME SCREEN" but not navigating to other screen.

Reference: ion-segment: Ionic Framework API Docs

You can use a choice component with a user specific column to determine which “search box” to show and which set of results to show. The results themselves can be based on a filter using the relevant search box content.


Hi, I barely understood what you have communicated. Would you mind helping me on the same, Bcoz we are already lacking deploying this app for covid positive patients.

Sure. I’ll try.

If you create a user specific column you can use it to store whether the current user has selected search by PIN or search by District. Making it a user specific column means that every user has their own copy. This could just hold a text value e.g. PIN or District. You would then use this value to control visibility of the appropriate components.

Hope this makes sense.

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@V88 meant something like this.

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