Limit searches from the collection components to a specific column?

How can the search feature in the collection component be restricted to search only within a specific column? The current search is producing multiple results from all columns.

It’s not possible to set it up with the native search. You would have to use a custom search (pointing a text entry to a user-specific column, then filter the list based on that value.

It would eat into your updates quota, though.

Thank you for answering. I’ll work around it for now but hopefully the devs will create this functionality in the future.

This is a big problem … I have 3 filters on the collection but when a user searches, they can effectively do a search across the entire table and will see an item that contains those words. Any alternative to this?

Do you mean you only want users to search within what your filters allow? In that case, the only way is to create your own search using a user-specific column and an if-then-else column to determine what items fit the search term.

Thank you for your help and your offer for a solution! I think it’s a little strange though, how you can build a collection with let’s say only a handful of fields to essentially hide columns not needed or not used in your detail view, but the search box searches across all columns. Hopefully they change this soon

I doubt they change that behaviour. This has been discussed for a long time in the community. The best outcome is them letting us choose which columns are searchable.