Search bar for collections

Is it possible to assign the search bar to only one specific column in my data table?
Basically, I want to search for values in only one column and not the whole data table

Hi @Mina_Jafari,

Can you share more informations about your project. What kind of column do you want make a search? What component use?
Do you make any screen shot of your project?

Most straightforward thing to do is use a custom search approach.

  • Add a user-specific column to the table you’re building the screen on. Preferably the screen should be built on top of the User profiles table for flexibility, and filtered to the signed-in user’s row.

  • Add a text entry component and point it to the column above.

  • Filter the items to be showed by the user-specific input. Something like:

If input is empty then true (show everything)
If input is included in column value then true
Else return nothing

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