🤔 How to: Search multiple collections with one search bar (or more efficiently structure data)? (w/video)


I have three data tables (and will need to add 2 more) that require slightly different math computations.

The goal is to have ONE search bar for all entries when it’s time to edit.

My original table had all three of these but it required too much scrolling. This way is more efficient for now.


COMPONENTsearch - TechSmith Screencast

Made a similar feature request here - Single Search

This could be useful for organizing multiple columns in your table if you want to merge everything back into a single table. Column groups can be expanded and collapsed, and can help when using the column search.

Your only option right now is to build your own search functionally.

Essentially you would need a text entry component that fills a user specific column. Then you use a single value column to bring that search value into all tables. Then an IF column, or series of IF columns would be used to compare your single value column to all columns you want to search. The IF column could be set up to return ‘true’ when there is a match. Finally filter your collections where the IF is true.

It’s a decent alternative, but will eat into your update count as you are updating the user specific column in real time as you type.

Thanks! I actually do use the grouping in the data tables, but these tables get very big, very quick. lol

:thinking:Another option: Have just one table and use the search field for the groupings as a “filter”. That can give me just the sections I need.

Thanks for the reply.

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Voted. :+1: