How to connect search bar to multiple collections

It looks like the new glide tables doesn’t have a top-of-the-page search bar available for the whole page.

Maybe that’s just if it’s a custom style tab? However I want to be able to at least have a search bar that can search multiple collections within one container.

Is this possible? Right now, it forces me to have a search bar for each collection which messes up the flow and doesn’t really make sense.

There is no global search bar for multiple collections with New Apps. The closest you could get would be to build your own with a text entry component, a singe value component to bring that search value into each relevant table, and then set your filters accordingly to compare that single value to each column you want to search.


Hey Jeff, I haven’t tried to tackle this yet, and therefore haven’t fully comprehended how do it.

Is it going to be challenging to have that single value text entry connect to a bunch of columns from the data table? I currently have it known that users can search for anything in the profiles relevant to what they’re looking for.

thanks for your help!

Yeah, it is what it is.

First, you have to bring the search value to each table.

Next, create an if-then-else column to compare that to each column that you want to be searchable. Say if search value is contained in column X then true, contained in column Y then true.

Repeat that for every table.


Your best bet would be an IF column with a bunch of ‘Included In’ comparisons to check if the single value is included in each of the columns you want to search. The first one with a match would return true, and you can show that row.

I should also mention that this method can use up updates if your users are signed in.