Problem with Custom Search Bar


I can’t come up with the solution right now, but I suspect it’s very simple in the end.
I have been able to create a dynamic filter function with if columns and the filter function in the collection settings, now I need the same for my search bar. I have created a template column with the content I want to filter for (see screenshot) and a user specific search input field.
How would you proceed further? I am a bit confused.
And the second thing is: Is it at all necessary to work with “Screen” in the filter settings under Collection or is there another way?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Add a ‘if then else’ column.
If ‘the user specific field’ is included in ‘Such eingable’ then true else false.
Add a filter in your collection where the ‘if then else’ column is true.

thank you for your answer.
I do not know why but it does not work. The list does not change when I type something in the search bar.

I have a user-input field, I have template column with all the information I have connected the two things via an if-column with “is included in” and in my collection set a filter like you said (“If-column” is true). In the user specified row is also what I enter, but the if-column seems to not work properly. This is very strange.

You know what else I can do?

Can you check your database to see if your “user-input field” is inputting to which row? There’s a chance you haven’t cast that info to all rows, hence the problem.

Thank you for the answer.
You were absolutely right. I did not create a single value based on the user input, that was my problem.

You really saved me from frustration, thanks again

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My pleasure to help!