"See all" feature removed? (Transitioning to "Pages")


I’m attempting to transition from apps (mobile only version) to “Pages”.

I’m looking for the option to hide all but 2-3 squares in the “grid view” but no longer see that option (With Grouping). I don’t want all the squares visible… only the first row.

It was relatively simple to do in the apps version.

Unfortunately, there is currently no “see all” configuration in Pages at the moment. The work-around could be to limit the number of items in the collection, then add a Title Bar button that shows a new screen with the rest of the data.

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Not a good work-around. This absolutely sucks!

You can, alternatively, add a button (with a “See All” label) under your collection and right-align it. This would mimic the See All function pretty closely.

Yeah, however that’s not ideal for the look I already had and loved in the apps version. Thanks.

FWIW — here’s a quick display that shows what I meant in my first post.


I actually see this as a benefit. The “see all” screen in Apps was hardly configurable at all. Now we can make a custom See All screen with a variety of components.