The "See All" functionality doesn't work like it used to

For the old horizontal collections (used to be called “inline lists”), you get the option to allow people to “See All” items in a specific horizontal list.

For Example: If i click See All items in the horizontal list group called “My first ride in a supercar” i would have seen the items in that horizontal row on a page of it’s own but just for that group. But if you see the image below, it basically just shows me every item in horizontal groups (just like the page i’m on, except with a white background)

I prefer the Old way that horizontal Inline Lists used to work.
When i click See All i want to see all items from that group on a page of its own (stacked vertically)

Anyone know if my settings are wrong or is this the way it’s meant to be. And if so… then Why?

I agree the old settings seems better for this. And it’s the way it is now, I don’t think you’re configuring anything wrong.