Enable Horizontal Scrolling when using "Group By"

The Group by setting is incredible - we no longer have to use a bunch of inline lists with filters - except that when using this setting with a limitation on items, we lose the option to use horizontal scrolling in the See All screen. For content rich apps like mine, horizontal scrolling is key to the user experience and content management. If this is a quick setting to configure, please enable sooner than later…it would be so appreciated! :pray: :relaxed: :star_struck:

Video supporting request: https://www.loom.com/share/4ac052c930c14b33b8181203b0596c51


Hello Deena,

I’m new to this. So I’m not sure if my test is correct.
But in my project I can select “vertical/horinzontal” even when “group” is selected.


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Welcome and nice to meet you!
Yes, it works, UNLESS you limit the number of items > then when you click See All and try to set Group By on that page, you cannot access the horizontal scrolling option. This is my use case. :upside_down_face: Thanks to your note, I clarified my request above to explain this more clearly. Thank you!

Ok, I see. The “See all” button is the difference. I have the same result here when limiting the results.
I hope the team will find a solution for it. Good luck.

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