“See all”

I liked the “See all” feature from Classic Apps. It let you see all based upon (1) category versus actually showing you all categories at once…

I do this pretty easily with a collection inside of a container:

Just filter the collection as needed and then use a title bar action to view the “see all” list of items.


Great idea!

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Ah, you’re a genius. Forgot about that lol

It is actually an option now, if you use a horizontal layout.

The fact that’s there now suggests to me it’ll probably be available for vertical layout as well, at some stage.

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That’s not really want I meant but cool.

I found that I prefer the “see all” that is attached to the container, rather than the check box. The titles line up better, the check box leaves some awkward space. Of course that depends on your application.


Can you actually format the “See all >” from the new screen when selected as an option (Show See All)?

I could not (which is different from Classic where you had some autonomy). The 'title-bar action" worked to emulate the Classic look and feel.

Not sure if I am missing anything with Glide’s implementation of See all.

You could turn off ‘See All’ and use a button instead… minimal… alignment right… practically identical looking

Or for more custom options you could use html inside of a rich text component

Using @kabookie suggestion and it is great. I use CSS to create a better ‘title’ experience in Classic but using a title button in ‘New Glide’ is just as good.

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