Secondary sign in

Hi all. I think I have seen something showcased along these lines, but I want to create a secondary id on sign in (4 digits) plus the user first name.

Is this doable? I only want this to be a one time entry.

If you can help, it’s the missing link for my app build.

Cheers all


I imagine it would only work for public apps, it can’t work as an alternative for non-public ones because we don’t have a native way for now.

When a user signs in, alongside other types of info in their user profiles, have a column for their first name and a column for the “4 digits”. Use a template column to combine them.

Then create a “sign in” tab, with a text entry writing to a user-specific column telling them to input their username (the template column above) or sign in with email (use the sign in button).

If user is signed in or the text entry matches a row in your sheet then show them the right content.

Agreed! It might even be a bit more convenient to create an if then in the Data Editor:

If email is not signed in user then FALSE
If email+4 is not (user specific text entry) then FALSE
else TRUE

Then use this column for tab visibility etc where this column equals TRUE.

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