Searching for word in content of a list item

Hi I am newbie in Glide, so I guess this is a fairly basic question.

I am having a list of items. Each item has a text connected, but that text is not shown in the list overview. The text is shown when i click on one item. If I use the seach fieldt it cannot filter items by their text content. Search only filters on the elements that are visible on the list. How do I get the search function to find items, filtered by their content text?

i have a collection of products
each product has a description text, but this text is not shown in the list
i want to be able to search the product list in relation to one word in a description text

Welcome to Glide’s community forum.

You could build your own custom search with a text component. Do an advanced search in the forum for “custom search”.

If the product description is shown on the detail screen, then the search should return the results.

in this video (2:40), it seems like the search should find words in the detail screen, but it doesnt…

it is a plain text field,

Is the text you are searching in a computed column?

i turned out that the text in the description should be in a text component and not in a field component. thank you @Dilon_Perera for helping out.


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