Search in long rich text

Hi all,
Could someone help me with how to search text inside rich text in a detail view, then positioning at first match, and if possible skip to next, maybe with floating butons?
Highlight matches will be perfect!

In my app I have many records in my tables, with a very huge text each, so a list will filter records very fine with standard search box, but I need to go to detail view and search with a new text box, looking inside the huge rich text, highlighting matches and navigating them. Just like an any text editor or text reader.

Is this funcionality possible in Glide, with traditional apps o pages?

Juan Pascuet

I do think if you’re trying to search on the browser version of the app, it might be an in-built function to do what you described (search and highlight text).

However, on the installed version, I don’t think there’s something like that. My 2 cents would be trying a “search box” pointing to a user-specific column, then have a JavaScript snippet to take the search term, replace all terms that match it in the full text, and change its format using HTML.

It might struggle with terms that have more than one word, though. The “find match” thing will cause some headaches.

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