Search the whole tab

Hi I am looking for a way that we can search the whole tab (section). Basically everything on the tab including the row headers and all columns and rows in one particular tab.
Additionally also search bar that searches a word on every sheet and every tab.

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You can only search a list on a specific tab.

Thanks ;(

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Is there a way to search for a URL? My search doesn’t seem to include columns that have URLs in them.

It’s my understanding that search only works for columns displayed in the list or details. Does it work if you add the URL as visible text?

Nope it doesn’t. I also tried creating an If column in Glide that just copies the link again (in the hopes that it would be recognized by search) but it didn’t work. It seems (to me) that search only works for Text columns and since links are identified as links and not text, it is not searchable.

@Mark is there any way to make this possible? My use case — app admins want to be able to search for a URL before approving new content to make sure it’s not already posted. The title text of the post may not always match a previous entry, but the URLs can be searchable, then the admins can check for a duplicate URL and go from there.

Try a template column that joins some random text with the url column so it’s recognized as text. Like ‘Url: https://…’

Or just the url in a template column.

Good idea, but unfortunately still not working.

Here’s something that probably works, despite my disapproval: Make a Text component containing the link, then set a visibility condition that makes it always invisible.


I got it working but only after moving the Text component to the top of my Details view (seems to need to be in the top few components of the Details view for it to search properly).

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No, that shouldn’t make a difference. If you can reproduce that please let me know, and I’ll fix it.

I got it to work. I used a bunch of single words in one field and can search by any of them and find the result. Curious @Mark why you disapprove. I actually think it’s kind of a cool backdoor search thing.

It’s a neat hack in this case, but in the common case, you wouldn’t want hidden components to be searched.

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