Search not working properly on Detail View


I have a tab as a list. In this list, there are customers. I only want to show one customer. You have to search for a customer to see it pop up in the list. This works fine when the tab is a list.

However, when I do the same when the Detail view, the search doesn’t work. A detail tab with an inline list limits the number of results to one. I search for a customer, but it doesn’t pop up. However, sometimes it randomly does work.

Is this a bug? How can I fix this?

Do you have search enabled on your inline list?

Yes, search is enabled. Everything is the same in my ‘Detail’ tab and my ‘List’ tab. Only difference is that the search is not working in the ‘Detail’ tab. I enter the name of a customer in the search field, and nothing happens.

And when after searching for a customer without any result I switch to another tab and then come back, then the result shows!

This problem only happens when limiting the number of customers that are showing. When there is no limit on the items, the search works fine. But that is no option for me.

I have created a Loom video recording to show what is going wrong

Not sure. Looks like it could be a bug. Does it work correctly with the published app?

No, doesn’t work in the published app as well

Why do you need to limit the items that show though? Don’t you want to display all search results?

No, we want the tab to give to possibility to quickly lookup a customer, but not give the ability to show all customers in a list when someone enters ‘a’, for example.