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I have a list for the same source in few tabs for “see all”. I noticed it copied the layout for the same sources even I’ve changed the primary layout.
I need it to be different.

Just add multiple “See all” text, then add a “show new screen” action to those, you can configure those screens differently.

Please also note you would want to have conditional visibility for your “See all” text, like if the count of the original inline list is larger than a certain number.

I meant this See All is reflected to other tab’s See All


TAB 1 when click “See All”


I mean you should not use the native “See all” option for the inline lists, add a rich text component with the “See all” text and add a “Show new screen” action to it. You will then be able to add whatever you want in that screen without it affecting the other screens.

Just do as many “See all” as you need.

But how about the search tab. It is not functioning if I am using the Action text right ?

I believe its something like this :

I believe you can use external CSS to hide that “See-all” text and the search would still work. Can you confirm?

Before i go to see all
Not turn up all.

Do you know why search box like this ?
I was searching on the same item.

What’s your setup for those inline lists? Do you limit the number of items, filter or do something else?

Yes, got. but the filter is the same between the See All text and Inline List

Inline List

See All text

Oh, i believe it cause of the limit number of items.
So maximum number meet the search text is 3.

So if we want to search, we have to click see all first. Hmm, not very convenient.
Can we make it as the user searching it will showing all the result. and if not in searching mode, it will remain in limit number.

Can we ?

Try “show See All” for more than 3. Then use this in a rich text component to hide the native “See all”.


[data-test="see-all"] {
display: none;

Replace those see all with the method I proposed above. I can’t be sure if this solves the search issue, so please try and let me know.

I off the limit ready,

and when I searching, its turn up the native “see all” and when click, its turn the other’s layout like the first problem

Ah you’re right that the search doesn’t take the CSS into account. In that scenario I don’t have a good answer for you, best thing you can do is add a user-specific column to serve as your “search” field and filter the inline lists based on that search field.

Do you mean the dynamic choice one ?

I mean your screen should contain:

  • Text entry to serve as your custom search field.
  • Inline list 1
  • “See all” text for inline list 1
  • Inline list 2
  • “See all” text for inline list 2
  • CSS to hide the native see-all

Ok ,but the search field how its works ?

it will say if “text entry” includes in ___________
something like that ?

meaning what condition to make?

Your inline lists would have to handle the filter conditions like:

Text entry is included in item’s title
Text entry is included in item’s description

Something along those lines.

I understand for now. Oh, i have a question .
What if the condition got AND and OR at the same time ?


Conditon 1
(Text entry is included in item’s title
Text entry is included in item’s description)

Place this thread in case anyone need it :

Then I would suggest moving the text entry logic to an If Then Else column.

If text entry is included in item’s title return true
If Text entry is included in item’s description return true

Then in the inline list, the filter is Condition 1 AND Text entry ITE column is true.


Thanks @ThinhDinh for your valuable time and ideasss.

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