Custom search box in the detail tab

My pleasure to help! Hit me up with questions, if any.

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Thank you very much @ThinhDinh, it works perfectly :ok_hand: :muscle:

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@ThinhDinh Here from my other thread. Can you screenview your relation construction much slower? Still learning relations and can’t get this working.

What column relates to which in tableview? Thanks!

Sorry I’m at work and can’t record things for you any time soon. Can you specify what you are trying to do with your data so we can help?

No problem! If you get the time, I’d be thankful!

I’m trying to use the text input to search a single column and return matching results in the corresponding inline list. Not sure how to set the relation or rollup. The backend confused me. Watching a quick setup may help.

Also showing “results counter” would be great.

For reference, this thread was linked from my other thread here. Related topics. Filtering Workaround Requests - #7 by ThinhDinh

Hi Thin, this happens to me, but I think it’s a common factor. When I enter text in the non-native search bar, the first few characters overlap the magnifying glass. Do you have a way to avoid this? Thanks!

No good way to do that. The native search bar has a special SVG setting that enables the magnifying glass to stays on the screen. I haven’t been able to replicate that.

You should be able to do this with a setup like this:

  • Have the search bar write to a user-specific column.

  • In the Sheet that you will apply the search on, use a single value column pointing to the user-specific column above to cast that search term across all rows.

  • Use an if then else column, if search term is included in column to search then true, else false. (Do this for all columns you want the user to search, so if you have 5 columns to search then your ITE column will have 5 conditions).

  • Filter the inline list by that ITE column is true.


As always thanks for your technical pearls :relaxed:

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Lost me.

  • Single value column, or single value relation? How do I point it?

  • How does “single value” connect to If Then Else?

Single Value Column. When you enter the search term and it’s written to the user specific column, it’s only written to a single row. But you want to filter across all rows, so you need the search term applied to all rows. The single value column does this for you.

It’s used as part of each condition in the if-then-else column. So for each column that you want to apply the search to, you’ll have a separate conditional in the if-then-else that compares the value in that column to the value in the single value column. You’ll probably want to use “if column-to-be-searched includes single-value-column, then true”. The effect of that is that if any of the columns you apply it to include the search term, then it will return true, and the associated row can be included in your search results.


So you can add the “text entry” component, which should do the same function. right?

@Darren_Murphy Your explanations on how these components interact is very helpful. Thank you.

Now for single value, I get this. Not a clue what to select.


Assuming that you’re working in the first row in the table, you’ll want to select “first” from the table that contains the user specific column where your search term is being written to, and select that column.


Ohh! Point to the User Specific dump CELL, to duplicate across rows, so the ITE can run filter logic for each row. Got it now. Works. Thanks so much.

Going to try results counter now, may start new thread if unable. Sorry to hijack this thread @profxeni. There were some missing pieces for my dummy brain.

hehe, I had a silent chuckle to myself when I watched your video the other day and heard you referring to it as a “dump cell”. My guess is that once you begin to grasp the true power of user specific columns, you might give them a little more respect :wink:

PS. You didn’t decide to take up my challenge? :thinking:
PPS. For your results counter, you’ll want a Rollup Column


Not yet @Darren_Murphy, above my paygrade still.

On the custom text search still. Any quick ways to clear an input? An “x” button on same line perhaps? Other single-click actions? I do have other button filters, maybe one of them can overwrite the User-Specific Search Cell “OnClick”? Can’t figure the logic.

Anything to prevent user having to backspace 10 characters…

Might as well make this the “everything custom search thread”.

That is hard UI-wise. CSS can theoretically put an image of “x” icon on the same line but if you have a long search term it might clash with that “x”.

I think the easiest option is have a “Clear input” button just under the search, with an action to clear the column you’re using to house the search term.


Here’s my new code which has the same icon at the start.


[data-test="app-text-field"] .input-wrap >div::before {
content: URL("");
position: fixed;

[data-test="app-text-field"] .input-wrap .ta-inputbox{
margin-left: 28px;

div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > :nth-of-type(1) >div >div >div{
height: 40px;
border-radius: 10px;

[data-test="app-text-field"].focused .input-wrap {
box-shadow: none;

Ohhh… Thank you @ThinhDinh :muscle:

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