Screens pointing to same details screen

In need of serious help, which I know is a newbie question.
I swear I have tried searching through the other topics, but I just don’t understand enough to solve this.

I have two screens created, one for listing “available jobs”, and another for “accepted jobs”.
For the first screen, clicking on the table results, brings me to the detail page, which I already set with a button to “accept job”. Perfect.

Issue now is with the “accepted jobs” details screen, which points to the same screen as above.
How do I create a different screen for it when the table results is clicked?
I want to be able to create a “job completed” button and the actions for this screen.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you so much in advance, and apologies if they’ve been answered before. This is my first time trying Glide out.

You can either keep what you have and set visibility conditions to show different buttons based on the value that indicates whether a job is accepted or not. Or, you can change the action on one of your collections to ‘Show New Screen’ instead of ‘Show Detail Screen’.


Thank you so much, @Jeff_Hager !

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