Hold on to value after changing screens

Hi, new Glide user here. I’m trying to build an app that allows employers to offer jobs to employees.

I have a table of employers, employees, job postings, and a table that records which job postings were offered to which employees. I’m trying to update that last table here.

Here’s the desired workflow:

  1. Employer creates job posting. (done)
  2. Employer clicks button taking them to list of employees. (done)
  3. Employer clicks on employee and gets employee info, along with a button that says “offer a job”. (done)
  4. Employer clicks on button that takes them to the list of job postings they have created. (done)
  5. Employer clicks on the job they want to offer to this employee, creating a record of the fact that they have offered the job to this employee by adding a row to the jobs offered to employee table.

My issue is step 5. When I change screens in step 3, I lose the data of which employee was being looked at, so I can’t make an action that adds data from the job posting table and the employee table to the jobs offered table.

Any help appreciated. Sorry if this seems kind of complicated.

A simple solution would be to modify your action at Step 3 so that it also sets the EmployeeID in a column the Employers User Profile row. The value would then be available to use at Step 5.

Ok, so they would have a column called “people I’ve offered jobs to”, let’s say.
How can I make that column such that you can add multiple values into one cell?

I would call it something like “LastEmployeeViewed”, and update the value every time they select an Employee. So it would only ever hold one value - the ID of the last Employee viewed. It’s like setting a Global Variable :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks!

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