How can I set up a button that changes the value of a single cell?

Essentially I have a sheet of previous jobs. When a user enters the data for a new job, the app gathers similar previous jobs and from here the app works out an average Rate. I need to be able to set a single cell, the newest JobRate cell, to this Rate that the app has worked out, without touching other cells in the column.

Thank you for your time.

You just need to navigate to that row (maybe via an Inline List), and then either allow editing, or use a Set Column Values action to update the appropriate column.

Hi Darren,
This method mostly worked, however I can’t set the cell to the value I want, I have no idea why it isn’t working, the button simply doesn’t do anything. Also the button below works but changes the Quote cell of an old job, not the latest one.


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the problem probably is, that your screen is not on the same sheet or row that desired value is… use relations to get your value

Hi Uzo,
How am I supposed to do this exactly?
other options on the same sheet work, it is just the desired values that aren’t working, anything else works fine. if I sort the sheet backwards the desired value is greyed out, but if I sort the sheet normally the value works but changes the wrong row.
Thank you

is hard to tell exactly, without seeing the app. in general the best practice is to have the current item row id be written to a USC column, first row. then have all items be related to the first row. this way you can access this item ID from any place in the app, regardless of sheet and row you are on

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