Is there a way to set column values to 'This'?

Essentially My app calculates quotes based on a formula in GoogleSheets, however it can only calculate one quote at a time based on the latest quote, after a quote is completed it is saved but is unable to be calculated again as the googlesheets formula only observes the most recent quote.
Is it possible to use a button to set a column to ‘This’ quote from within an old quote? in case a client needs or wants to recalculate the quote?

your time and help is appreciated.

If you can move the logic to Glide using a math column (for example), you can use user-specific columns for this.

Can you tell us what your formula does?

The formula filters each ID from all the quotes and comes up with an average cost based on all the matches. Essentially I want to be able to set the quote it is finding matches for to ‘Quote 1’ or whatever, instead of say ‘Quote 300’

Sounds like a good case for using a relation column to link each ID to it’s matches, the use a rollup column to calculate the average. It would take the logic out of the google sheet (giving you instant real time calculations), and you wouldn’t have to figure out any weird logic to make this work with a google sheet.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it!

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