Best way to write to specific rows

I have many customers arranged in rows (one row per customer, and one row each day per each customer). Which is the best way to modify one cell of a specific day? In a few words, how can I modify one cell of a specific row? Working with “set columns” I noticed the “row” setting and also the unique identifier, but it is not easy to understand how to use them.
Some example or some suggestion? (not how to identify the row, but how to modify it). Thanks a lot!

I’d say either show a list of all days, then have them click on a specific day, open the details and change the value for that day.

Or create an entry or choice component that sets a column value that you can use to create a single relation to the sheet with the ‘days’ rows. You can then use the set column action to set a value through the relation.

Thanks Jeff. Can you please explain the last sentence (use the set column action…): are you referring to use the “row” setting in Set Columns? This is where I am failing. I can use “this item” or a reference. You are saying to reference the day? Is that simple?? Because it was not working, but maybe I did wrong.

Once you have a single relation, then that relation should show up as an option under the Row setting. As long as it’s a single relation, then you can pick that relation for the row setting, and you will be able to set any column values on that related row. I don’t know how you are currently setting up your relations to link customers to their day rows. I assume email??? Lets assume just a choice component that gives you a list of all the days. With that you could create a template column is the customer sheet that joins the customer email with a column that’s filled from the choice component. Your days sheet would have a similar template of customer email and date. As long as both values match, the relation should return a single row from the Days sheet.

Keep in mind that dates are a little tricky. If you are using them for a relation, they have to match exactly. Templates make this a little easier because they “lock in” any formatting that you have set for a date. If you were just using date columns for a relation, then the entire underlying date and time would have to match for both sides of the relation. In any case, as long as the values on both sides of a relation are equal, then the relation will return the matching row.

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Thank you. I will do that. Thanks for your help.

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I did the relations as you said, but it writes always on the first row, even if it is referenced several rows after.

That shouldn’t happen, unless your relation is pointing to the first row. You might have to share some screenshots of how your relation is set up and how you have the set column action set up.

Done and it is working. Yesterday it was very late (I’m in Italy). Anyway I have no prob if I’m using Row ID, otherwise I don’t see the update on Google sheet.

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