Screen going black when selecting "view as"

Hey all, I have been running into this bug today where whenever I select a user in the “view as” tab… the screen goes blank and I’m forced to reload my page and sign back into glide.

It also seems more difficult to sign into my glide backend when signing in with Google.

Has anybody else experienced these same issues? Thanks!

Yes, it happens specially when using CSS or location calculations, but from my experience it only affects editor, not App

Oh okay, good to know. Thanks!

Are there any ways to prevent this from happening? Or is this just a bug right now?

I guess is just too much to handle by browser… i don’t think there’s anything to prevent it

That’s frustrating… I even tried removing the location calculations (plus there is no CSS in my app) and it’s still not working.

I just want to be able to see in the editor what my users of the app will see, specifically with different permissions as I still need to edit/finish up what the user experience looks like. It’s almost impossible to do that without being able to have this feature in the editor.

Maybe @david could advise?

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Update: Still able to function properly on Google Chrome, however, Safari is having issues.