Glide app stopped working!

It’s being loaded for a second and then turns white. Happened while I was working on my app and twisted CSS. Can’t access the editor, the sheets (from within Glide), the app on my desktop browser nor mobile. What I am truly afraid is that it will occur to my users after launching my app.

What exact thing in the CSS did you update? If it’s a CSS change that caused this then we would have to re-categorize this as Glide said they won’t support CSS changes, it can break any time.

I tried to use CSS to hide the last inline list on my homepage, I think I used some variant of <pre><span><style> div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > div:last-child {display: none;}

It’s likely that did hide some critical components on the screen. So now you can’t access the editor at all to delete this CSS?

Can’t access the editor at all. I’ll try to load the editor with CSS disabled on the browser side, hope that it help.

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Let us know how it goes!

Well I had no success, just a poor “?” on a raw page.

Try duplicating the app to see if you can quickly delete the tab before it loads, I can’t think of any other ways.

Succeed! Writing the steps for the next fool like me that ruins his work of months:

  1. I entered the sign-in screen settings using the URL path “/settings/signin”, as in this settings page you customize the welcome screen and no custom CSS or components are load.
  2. Using Brave Browser element-blocker, I blocked the device preview part of the screen.
  3. I tried again accessing the main editor, and without seeing it on the live preview, I removed it quickly from the layers panel.
  4. I removed the filter from the browser ad-block and reloaded Glide.

Warning to all:

Glide does not support injecting CSS into apps. So if you do decide to do that you are unfortunately on your own. @Iftach was very clever to figure out a way “un-hack” his mistake, others may not be so resourceful so be warned.