CSS clash in GDE

I accidentally deleted part of the CSS script resulting in a blank white GDE screen. I can still reload the app but the button that contains the script if pressed then the GDE screen goes blank again. How can I restore to the initial state, please?

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Maybe this will work for you. I didn’t manage to find how with MS Edge.


It’s work @L.M. Thank you.
II think Ms Edge has the same situation with chrome, maybe you can try from the tutorial on chrome first.


It worked? You recovered your tab?
Cool \o/ Thks to @Jeff_Hager & @Roldy then?

Disable CSS or edit the CSS through the code inspector. That should be enough to get the glide editor back so you can delete or change the rich text.

No, till now, I only tiptoed in CSS (thks to 2 main sources by team @ThinhDinh + @Lucas_Pires and also @Uzo CSS app, while trying to figure out the logical structure in Glide’s Rich Text context.
I cannot spend too many hours per week yet. I have a time-consuming Product Manager curriculum to finish by February 2022. And Glide prototype was initially only 1/9 part of it. Now 2/9. I’ll have more time in 2022. If I manage to do that when my editor will eventually start working very hard with me on my novel then. After more than 1 year delay caused by COVID-19. Good things are coming… And Glide happens to be the best surprise of my curriculum. Even though I’m no longer a dev. But I still can a little, with serious days of study.

But giving my app a feeling that it is a 1 to 1 person relationship and not an app to many people relationship is everything. Especially for a knowledge base to make it as pleasant as a place you like to return, a series you know the pitch and the title song. In short, a story you share with it as if the app has enough personality to suggest you the creative mindset of someone.


Yes, I’ve recovered it.
慢慢来。 边玩边学。 :laughing:
And thanks to @Jeff_Hager too.


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