Oups! Can't edit & correct my tab anymore after an unfortunate CSS

Ahem Oups! I made a mistake😁I pasted a CSS that hides me the Glide Builder (that was not the goal) and since then, I can no longer edit the tab where the Rich Text component ist to correct it.
I did it in a test app, so no big deal, I can delete the tab.
But is there a trick to take control back like a “safe override hard mode”?
This is all that is loaded, with nothing to access the components.
If I refresh, I can of course access my app and the other tabs, but never more this one.

I copied this CSS to have a root code (the highlighted part). I didn’t think It would do sth harmful in its partial state.


It also happened to me once, but thanks to the developer tool I was able to locate the element where I could disable the css that compromised the display of the builder.
Have you tried this?

which tool, pls, Roldy? Thks :slightly_smiling_face:
I know exactly what Rich Text Component and CSS to delete/edit.

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Yes, that’s the Code Inspector, but how can it allow me to edit/reactivate my Glide UI?

Disable CSS or edit the CSS through the code inspector. That should be enough to get the glide editor back so you can delete or change the rich text.

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Sorry, Jeff, I google to search “deactivate CSS Edge” or “turn off…”, can’t manage to find where I can deactivate. Would I be able to reactivate it afterwards?
There are codes everywhere.
Can you tell me where it could be? Or if I need a plugin? I don’t have Chrome on my PC.