CSS code editor

As a less experienced developer, if you know, help me.

I can’t find form for i edit the style.

Do you mean you want to apply CSS to your app?

Are you talking about Classic Apps or the new Glide Apps?

Please note that CSS on Classic Apps can break any time, and is not officially supported.

I say about Glide apps

But isn’t the app you’re showing in the other thread a Classic App?

If you want Glide Apps, you must be on Business/Enterprise to be able to use it.

give me detail opinion.

I already talked about that above. If you don’t have access to Business/Enterprise, there’s no use talking about CSS, since you won’t be able to use it.

thank u

I upgraded to business.
teach me about css and javascript edit.
I beg you.

JavaScript is not related, you can use JavaScript as a column to process data on any plans.

You can read more about CSS here.

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