Oh Sheet! Glide encountered a problem on change to particular user

One user of the app complained that the app wasn’t working for him.

When checking the Glide Editor, the app was crashing every time I would view the app as that user!

Has anyone encountered such a problem ?

What could be the possible reasons?

  • Had it been the user alone, I would have said his device, but that is happening to me on the editor and only for this particular user
  • Does this imply that there is a problem with the user specific values for that user? But if these are only on the device, why is the glide editor crashing when viewing the app as that user?

there are other users with the same roles, and visibility conditions so it should not be anything related to row owners or Glide crashing while filtering out the data he can access

That would be my guess. When you “View as” a user in the builder, you also see their user specific values.

My best guess as to what is happening is that the particular values associated with this user are causing an exception that is crashing the App/Builder. If that’s the case, then it’s almost certainly a bug.

Which billing plan are you on?
If you are on a Pro plan or above, go to your Billing Dashboard and you’ll see a “Contact Support” button. Click on that and you’ll be able to submit a ticket to Glide Support.

Thank you Darren
App is on a business plan. Prefer not to contact support. That didn’t really help previously. The current contact form itself was enough to blow me away this time.
Created a new account for the user, different email. Will see how things go, if it persists might come back to contact support.


Do you have any feedback on the form? I’m sure they would be willing to hear what can be improved.

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