'Preview as user' email changes when refreshing Glide

My app’s URL: https://tousentandem-beta.glideapp.io/


I encounter bugs when I add a filepiker in the Edit part of an element.
The “jump” page becomes blank or does not save the changes.
This seems to happen when I manipulate the green references in the photo.
the bug is rather random and I don’t necessarily encounter each manipulation, it occurs especially during the installation phase of the filepiker on the column that is intended for it.

After some manipulations to modify fields in the Edit part, the “Jump” page and I come back to display as if I was no longer in the “Edit” part

I’m sorry, what is a “Jump” page? Do you mean the Form page?

Interesting, this looks like a bug—if your components are disappearing. Did you rename your columns?

I wanted to post an update, but the post was not yet validated.
I don’t think it’s the filepiker that’s the problem.
I use a “Preview as user with email” address different from my login address in Glide App.

Sometimes the page gets refreshed and the address put in “Preview as user with email” switch to "myAdressForGlideApp@gmail.com".
I added my address "myAdressForGlideApp@gmail.com" in the Google sheet
it didn’t exist in it, now it’s stable and doesn’t “jump” anymore.

I’ll try to make you a video, if I meet again.

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Ah, yes, I know exactly what you mean! We need a more stable ‘Preview as user’ feature in the builder.

Sorry it took your post so long to validate — I had to approve it and I was asleep!

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I’d just finished the video.:grinning:

Thank you for your quick help :+1::+1::+1:

Ah, when the page goes blank, it also looks like you have a crash?

blank page = jump for me :slight_smile:
This happens when I “play” with the
“Preview as user with email”.

I forgot to copy the error code from the browser. But this doesn’t happen every time, I have the impression that the number of items in the selected data (green) list plays a role. The longer it is, the more it “jump” “blank” :slight_smile:

Here I deliberately played a lot with the application to crash it like the previous times.

1 minute: the edit “crashes” and displays a page as if I wasn’t editing it.

3min 47sec : Crash “blank” page

Vidéo : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GDEpswSIUqE0UjeGzwTn0NUva9kBtjCV/view?usp=sharing

@Jeremie_maga Thank you so much for reporting these bugs!

The one you see at the one minute mark should be fixed now. Unfortunately you’ll have to recreate your edit screen. I apologize.

For the blank page crash: can you reproduce that reliably, or does it happen somewhat randomly for you? If you have a reliable reproduction, could you please send me a direct message with a link to your app and the exact steps required to make the crash happen?

Thank you for dealing with problems so quickly :+1:
App edit : https://go.glideapps.com/app/PJQxoellz6kL5fOye8ja
App online : https://pjqxo.glideapp.io
Sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t1yfG9O-l15fPwKJ2YmUXCDD3eM15fsVViFoJBq-sXM/edit?usp=sharing

I deleted the 70 users so that I wouldn’t share their contact information.

Unfortunately there is not really a precise way to crash.
I can only suggest that you manipulate the data as I do in the video.

  1. Change User preview
  2. Change source of data column. Loading data with long URLs, I feel like it helps to crash
  3. Adding and deleting fields in the “Edit” part
  4. Repeat the above steps several times and normally after several minutes the page becomes blank.

If the phenomenon does not occur in you, I can offer you a screen sharing.