Preview as email - very annoying that switches to greyed out default

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I use the trick of multiple play email accounts with gmail adding +1 to the start of the email (e.g. then, test+2… etc — all emails go to the address). This makes it very easy to test for visibility options.

BUT the glide app now defaults to a greyed out when I delete things… and I have to retype… to then add in +1, etc.

It did not work like this before - now it does it is quite annoying.

Thanks, M

Glide defaults to the logged in user when you first open it. Are you proposing it saves off the last email that was used to preview as and keep that for all subsequent sessions as long as you are logged in as long as you don’t change it in the Preview As icon?

it should save the last user as logged in… but it is now ‘clever’ in that you cannot edit the greyed out last email put in… you have to retype the whole thing. So yes it should keep last mail signed in… but leave the text in there to be edited instead of making it greyed out and therefore non-editable. Hope that clarifies things!

I see what you are saying with the graying out on default email.

I’m just curious what you mean by this? What are you deleting?

  1. I start with
  2. I want to switch to my account - so I remove +1…

  1. Then the is greyed out… and I cannot move my cursor to before the @ to change

Ok. So by “delete things”, you meant removing the +1 from the mail. Just wanted to clarify.

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