Is it possible to change the user profile screen?

Hi Gliders,
I have a question in regard to Glide Apps.
I am using the free plan.
In the top left corner, you have the hamburger menu.
When you tap it, you can see on the top, the user name and email address.
When you tap the name or email address you will get the user profile screen.
In here, and in the previous screen, you can see the user’s email address.
In my case, this is a fake email address. The free plan can/will not store the users’ real email addresses. (No problem)
But now I would like to hide that email address.
Is this possible? Is there a way to hide this on the user’s profile screen?
Because it is a fake email address, I am getting questions about this. So if I can hide it, that would be great.
(I know that when you want to edit the profile, you could hide this. )
Thanks for your tips and tricks. :slight_smile:

Try this:

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Have you tried the published version of the app. I’m almost positive that a user will see their real email address, and not the anonymous email address. That’s always been the case for me. I have apps that store anonymous emails, but when I open the published version of the app, I see the real email address in the app’s user profile screen.


It looks like you are right.
I am so busy with the “editor” I forgot to check how it looks on my device.
When I open the app there, I can see the right/correct/real email address.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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