User Specific Data - App Error

Every know and then one user loses his account on the app because the app starts to reload every time that user access the app or even when we view the app as that user on the editor.

My thought is it could be something to do with user specific data … what else could possibly be happening that causes an issue to one user but not the other.

Note that all we have to do is create a new account for that user and they log in without an issue.

Other than submitting a ticket, what possible ways can we check for the issue. Its not possible to browse the app as that user on the editor even.
Would be nice if we could have some more insight on user specific data size for each user.

Why not? You should be able to select the Preview As option at the top of the editor and preview as any of your users. When you do that, you can see any of their values in user specific columns.

For these users i cannot, every time i select their user, i get the error notification and the app crushes in a matter of seconds

anyone know where the size value is shown in the table?

It’s not. That was a nonsense reply from the bot.

Have you submitted a support ticket for this?

Regardless of the cause, if the builder is crashing then that’s a bug that Glide need to know about.

oh !! lol i was about to say i love that Glide Chat bot !!
I still think its a great bot though.

Bug’s been around for some time, therefore most likely not many people facing it.
Submitting a report is a hustle, I’ve tried it before and wasn’t happy with the result. i can’t convince myself to do it with the long list of backlog tasks on the board.
Will try to find some time to maybe and give it another try.

Regardless, the bots answer should actually become a reality. There should be a way to track the user specific data size of each user in addition to the download data size of each user. 2 things that could get a user away for ever from using a Glide app at an instance if they cross certain borders.

Yeah, it’s good. And I’m sure it will improve a lot as it learns.

Yes, I understand that it’s a hassle. But if it’s a bug - and it sounds like it is - it’s very unlikely that any of us here in the community will be able to help you solve it.

If/when you do submit a ticket, be sure to include a video recording that clearly shows how to replicate the issue.

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