Save new contact

Hello guys! I would need a hand… I can’t connect my Google document to save the contacts of the visitors of my app who want to subscribe… does anyone know how to help me? Thank you in advance and happy holidays!

So you want to save their email to your spreadsheet? And a boolean to tell whether they want to subscribe or not?

I would like to be able to save:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

A bit like Instagram works to be clear.

You’ll have to explain more what you are trying to achieve. Apps are connected to google spreadsheets and each tab in an app represents a sheet tab in that spreadsheet. You can explore the Glide documentation and view the tutorials to get a feel for how Glide works.

Also be advised that storing usernames and passwords in your sheet is not secure at all. For proper security, I would advice checking out the Security Center.

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