Trying to allow my users to find and follow other users in the app

Think Instagram, Facebook etc - friend or follow request that when accepted you can view their profile.

Any suggestions for a new user of Glide

Many thanks

Hi Amelia, welcome to our community!

You can have a “Community” tab lisitng all users in the app.

Then in each details view, have a form button to submit a friend request. In the form, you would want to catch the following information:

  • Signed-in user’s email (special value)
  • Request receiver’s email (screen column)
  • Timestamp (special value)

You will write them to a “Requests” sheet that also contains a boolean column name “Accepted?”.

In the “Profiles” tab you would want to have for each signed-in user, create an inline list sourcing the “Requests” sheet, fitler by request receiver is signed-in user. Use a checklist layout for that so they can accept the request by checking a checkbox.

Hi ThinhDinh,

Thank you so much! This all kind of makes sense but just confused if I should be doing this in the glide app or in my spreadsheet. Sorry if that is obvious, I am just wrapping my head around it all at the moment.



You only need to create the sheet as discussed above, the other things are set ups in the app.

It’s just a base for you to build on based on your flow. If you need further help feel free to ask us.