Samsung Fold 3

Got my Samsung Fold 3 today and for your information Glide works well in development mode.

However, there is a problem with modal forms in unfolded view. The keyboard does not show up for text input.
Is that a known problem for tablets?

It should have been mentioned more if it was a problem I think…

Thanks for the info!

When i tap an input field the keyboard does not show up.

FYI, on the Samsung Flip 3, it seems to work ok

Hola @Ralf

Just out of curiosity, do you have a video of this?

@SantiagoPerez Here is a screen recording;

I wonder if the keyboard is causing the app to resize in such a way that it reverts out of tablet/desktop mode, so it reloads, causing the keyboard to close, then reloads again back into tablet/desktop mode. Seems like maybe there needs to be some tolerance adjustments for when to switch from tablet/desktop mode to standard app mode.


Interesting! It opens in tablet view

@Lucas_Pires It opens in both views as expected!

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I have users reporting no keyboard in entry components on Samsung Flip 3.


hi have the same problem with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.
Any solution?

It shows the keyboard and suddenly it hides the kayboard.