Keyboard blocked - Gboard keyboard

My app’s URL:
iOS 12.3.1
Iphone 7

The problem occurs when a Gboard keyboard is invoked from within the glide app - and different keyboard is used on the phone (in another app)


  1. Use the
  2. Click on Info tab
  3. Click on item ‘Foreningens område’ - no 2 item from the top
  4. Click on the link inside the ML text (
  5. Click on the icon with horizontal lines (top right corner)
  6. Use the Gboard keyboard (if you have other keyboard open in other app - the keyboard might already be locked)
  7. Put in an adress in the search field - fx Hjo
  8. Notice which keyboard you are using (I got Gboard, native iOS english and danish keyboard)
  9. Select the top item
  10. Click on the map (the search field will disappear)
  11. Switch to another application - e.g. mail
  12. Create a new message with a different keyboard (not Gboard) than used on the linked website from within glide app
  13. Put in some text in mail body
  14. Switch back to the glide app
  15. The app might reset to front page of the page
  16. Do step 2 to 5 again if the app is reset
  17. Try to input some text in the search field - that is not possible
  18. Switch to mail app
  19. Change to a new keyboard
  20. Switch to glide app
  21. Put in an adress in the search field - this is now possible. Probably because glide app receives info about that the keyboard has changed - and will use this keyboard.

Workaround (which a user will not find out - trust me - I tried).
Open other app. Swich between keyboards. Glide will now use the new keyboard and the keyboard in glide app is now accessible again.

This is a bug in iOS affecting all third-party keyboards as far as we know. There’s nothing we can do about it, but we’ve at least reported the issue to Google.

Please share known bugs when you discover them. I can understand now that you already knew that the problem existed