Rumble, Glide Pages Rumble (v2)

Rumble, an online video platform similar to YouTube, recently launched an updated version of their website.

I am one of the biggest critics of Glide Pages (in my mind) but seeing Rumble’s update quickly inspired me to see what Glide Pages could possibly become.

The website seamlessly looks great on mobile. Downloading the app isn’t even necessary.

If Glide Pages could become so seamless as this platform, it’d inspire even more hope within me and maybe others.

Is this the desktop / web app interface, etc that Glide Pages is headed towards? If so, that’d be great IMO.

Remember that Glide is a solution for businesses to empower their employees to solve business problems on the fly by developing an app.

Glide is not meant to allow anyone to build the next Youtube or Tiktok.

B2B and B2C apps will have design patterns in common. But I don’t think you should be looking at a B2C app and wishing you had exactly that in Glide.


Oh yeah, I forgot. They sold me on their vision to empower a billion new developers a few years ago.

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Exactly. There are 1 billion office workers or field workers that use office applications such as email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Canva and maybe Glide someday. Good luck, however, finding 1 billion developers of B2C apps (that market probably doesn’t exist).

Small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses in the United States.

99.9% of small businesses don’t need “citizen developers”.

If businesses need apps to solve internal business problems, they’re already in trouble.

When you empower your employees to help the business create new market categories or new products and services to better serve customers with apps… Then you’re saying something :sweat_smile:

I think a lot of what is happening in Word and especially Excel are apps waiting to be built. The only difference is the form factor, but the writing, storage, and manipulation of pieces of information is already there.

There was a time when women secretaries were experts and only they picked up the phone, sent out emails and wrote reports. Now every employee does. Not because everyone has become an expert at expressing themselves well (on the contrary), simply because it’s been made accessible.

There was a time when only designers were experts in design and used Photoshop. Now with Canva employees across the organization create visuals. Here too, not because everyone has become good at design, simply because it’s been made accessible.

There was a time when only numbers people used Excel. Now, Excel might be used almost as much as email, calendar and Word (my assumption might be a little of a stretch).

There was a time when only developers/IT were tech experts. We know this already isn’t the case anymore, many teams today including sales and marketing whip up landing pages and automation that only developers could have done previously.

I think Glide is aiming to give employees greater access to building apps, not to turn these employees into developers. If building an app is easy and useful enough, and employees have access to the tools, they’ll probably do it.

Access over expertise.


Empowering “a billion new developers” is neither B2C or B2B. So what if there are a billion office workers, the pitch is making claims about developers, not users.

If Glide’s goal is “a solution for businesses to empower their employees to solve business problems”, and the number one billion is involved - Glide is saying that it wants businesses to employer employees to each make their own app?? Makes no sense. @nathanaelb can you clarify?

Employees use good-looking B2C apps in their life, they want that in their work life too. What if you see the Rumble example as a video database for a company or a video database for the helpdesk of that company? To me, that was the point. I like the look of Glide though I am still more of Apps than Pages in that respect, but that might / will change!