Rows getting deleted automaitcally on Excel

Describe the bug:

  1. I am building an app on top of a MS Excel sheet
  2. I entered some data in the MS Excel, but found out that some rows were missing in the app
  3. Several rows had gotten deleted automatically from the table in data editor.

This is happening repeatedly.

Expected behavior:

  • Should not get deleted when I have not deleted them

How to replicate:

  • Link an app with MS excel
  • Feed the data in MS excel
  • see that some rows show up in glide data editor while others dont

Are you sure they were actually deleted?
If you force a manual sync and/or reload the Glide builder, do they appear?
Are the rows still present in your Excel sheet?

If the data is still in your Excel sheet, then it hasn’t been deleted. If you don’t see it in the Glide Data Editor, then the most likely explanation is that it hasn’t been synced.

Another user reported this: Unable to uncheck user-specific column - #7 by David_Gabler