Row limitations

Did I read something incorrectly? Did the updates not say that apps created before the limits were implemented would be grandfathered in to the unlimited…

Why does my apps created before the limitations have row limitations :confused:

The only ones that were grandfathered were the ones that exceeded the new 500 row limit already. If an existing app had less than 501 rows it was not grandfathered.

We grandfathered apps that were over or near the limit already. Do you have a preexisting app that you expect to go over these limits? Can you DM me and tell me about it if so?

My pre-existing app ComplexITy was over that limit before I had to rebuild the entire Google Sheet. To better manage speeds I rebuilt it and broke the tabs apart to refresh the adding to it.

It’s almost to 400 again because its a ticket tracking system and will break 500 in less than a week

If you are using it in a business application, thus essentially using it to enhance your business, why wouldn’t you go Pro and give the Glide folks a bit of business as well? I assume you are charging for your product if you need to track that many tickets.

Actually no. Im not charging for it. It’s an idea in the beta stage for a company I’m working at. Going pro is the end result. I’m just seeing what I want the application full potential to offer. Hence why using ARRAYFORMULAs and it’s leading to my restructuring of the sheets.

I need to be able to show its potential and capacities… Trying to garner at least a month or so of data to show its speeds when it’s data loaded and working on various reports that the garnered data can essentially output to push the place I work at in a different direction.

So yes pro is the ultimate out comevbut I need to be able to showcase the power of the app and it’s potential of what it can offer in a widespread live environment on a large scale and get it out of beta into full use before the company will bat an eye at it.

The unlimited rows was the key to the door the extras in the pro would be the lands beyond that door.

@david One of my grandfathered apps whitelist now exceeds the limit.

It is a comlimentary app to: