ROW ID stays the same when duplicating TABLE

Guys, please check if this is normal.

I duplicated my table and unfortunately ROW ID also were copied and stayed the same as in previous table. This is weird, because every ROW ID should be different. There shouldn’t be the same row id in the entire app/project.

Am I right? Do you have the same?

I needed to create entire new table (not duplicate previous) to ROW ID appear fresh.

Keep it because there are other uses to use as a reference that may still be useful in certain cases, for example building relations. If you don’t want it, just delete the column and create a new one.

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This is correct and expected behaviour.

Making sure I understand: In this case the duplicated “Row ID” special column is now just a regular old column named Row ID. The recommendation is to change this column (currently called “Row ID”) to “Item ID”. Then add a new Basic column of Type “Row ID” which starts the Glide magic of giving each row a truly unique ID.

Also - if you do not/forget to rename the duplicated Row ID column then Glide will still create a new “Row ID” column Type but the name will actually be “Row ID A”


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