Linked Glide tables with Row IDs

I have 3 Glide tables in an app, let’s call them Vendors, Expenses, and Expense Details.

I’d like to add them to another app, keep the relationships the same in both apps, and add records from either app. Since computed columns don’t carry over, I know I would need to recreate the relation columns. My question is about the Row IDs. What would be a way to do this without manually editing the rows in Expenses that have the Row ID from Vendors and Expense Details that have the Row ID from Expenses?

If you connect the same tables to both apps, I believe the rowIDs won’t change.

Actually the Row ID’s don’t come over at all when you link the same table.

Are you sure they are the same table? How do you link the tables in the new app?

But if you add a RowID column, you will get the same values.


Thank goodness. I don’t know what I was looking at yesterday when I added the Row ID column and thought they were unique to the app. :crazy_face:

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