Carry RowID when linking Tables

I have an app where Users have coupons stored in a Coupons Table. Each coupon has a RowID, which is used as a barcode.

Admins have a Barcode Scanner to scan such barcode. The Barcode scanner writes the Barcode aka RowID into a Helper Table, which has a relation to the User’s Coupon Table RowID and makes a match. This works perfectly fine right now.

However, the app is becoming more complex where I’d like to have two separate apps, one for Users and one for Admins. The problem lies where in the Admin app, I can still scan and write the Coupon’s RowID into the Helper Table, but because the RowIDs don’t carry over from the original User’s Coupon Table, I can’t make the relation anymore. And I can’t add a new RowID in the Coupon Table because then they wont match the original barcode.

I don’t believe the Unique ID option would work as its too long or it could have non scannable characters. If RowID’s cant be transferred on Linked Tables, does anybody know if Unique IDs can properly serve as a Barcode or have a different solution I could try?

So even though the same table is used in both apps, They have different RowID’s? Something doesn’t sound right there. Do you have screenshots of the data in both apps?

Does your barcode scanner work with QR codes, or just linear barcodes?

So I am using the same table in both apps, but the linked table in the new app no longer shows the RowID column.

I am using the Glide Linear Barcode scanner.

What if you add a RowID column? I think it should relink to the existing column.

Ah… thanks lol. I didnt even look to compare the two!

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I think that happens with Glide Tables, but Glide Tables always have a built in Row ID, even if it’s not visible initially. Adding a RowID column just exposes the one that’s already there behind the scenes.

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Great, glad to know :grinning:

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